Home Composter & Rain Barrel Sale  RYE BROOK & IRVINGTON - Let’s Compost! 

Rye Brook, The Village of Irvington, the Irvington Public Library, the O’Hara Nature Center, and the Greenburgh Nature Center are offering compost bins and rain barrels at deep discounts for a limited time. Order today—the offer ends soon!. 

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Why Compost?

Organic waste comprises thirty percent of household trash going into Westchester incinerators, where it has no chance to decompose and offers very little BTU value. Homeowners who compost not only extend the life of our incinerators and reduce the cost of collecting household garbage, but also recycle the nutrients in organic waste to create a valuable soil amendment for their gardens. 

Check out this great video on composting!

Pick-Up Locations:

Rye Brook: Saturday June 17th from 12:00 - 4:00pm at Crawford Park.

Irvington: Saturday June 24 at the Irvington Public Library, 12 S. Astor St., Irvington (across from Metro-North station), from 9am - 1pm. 

During that time a composting expert will be available at both locations to demonstrate and to answer questions about composting.

Order deadline June 15th for Rye Brook and June 22nd for Irvington.